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Carlos Borrego


"There are two ways to work with the customers: you can do the work or surprise them"

Traditionally, marketing companies have been perceived as an external for many companies. This creates a certain distance with the customer, which means that sometimes the projects are not finished or completed.

boamo’s vision is to be part of the client, create a relationship of trust and acquire all the necessary knowledge, with his help and vision, so they can fully focus on his business.

In the real world, we help companies in their brand strategy, whether from its conception, evolution or  revolution. Using a unique strategic method based on neuromarketing, boamo will study your business and customers to create the best strategy and come up with innovative and profitable ideas. All of this is based on the knowledge of the product, of the clients, of the digital transformation of the business, and of the strategy, advertising and digital notoriety adapted to their needs.

In the virtual world, we are pioneers in the purchase, construction, creation and diffusion of brands in the Metaverse. Your company can participate in an existing Metaverse or even create your own for promotional and commercial purposes. With this, an infinite number of options for monetization, creation, NFTs, smart contracts, DAOs, advertising and capitalization are conceived.

Based on the study and research in marketing, engineering, strategy and business profitability, boamo encompasses multiple perspectives, proposing a different vision of marketing, through a hybrid approach focused on the business.

Carlos Borrego undertook the idea of ​​boamo in 2018 during his stay at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley during the Executive Master in Digital Business program taught by ESADE. He saw that another perspective could be proposed to traditional and digital marketing by comparing the differences and similarities between the European and American approach to marketing and customer relations. For this reason, boamo identifies itself as a brand with multiple hybrid perspectives for both traditional and digital business.

After passing through different production and distribution companies and numerous publications and awards, Carlos Borrego in 2022 finally decides to make boamo available to everyone to offer his positive and innovative vision from the idyllic region of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone to anywhere.

“Shedding new light on real and virtual marketing”

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