WEB 3.0

The next generation of the Internet and Web

Create business and growth opportunities

Backed by blockchain technology, Web 3.0 or Web3 can be defined as the next generation of the Internet that promises a more independent, decentralized and autonomous web, significantly increasing user security and creating significant monetization opportunities.

What does Web3 offers you?

Unviersal sign-in

Login allows your customers to connect to a universal wallet.

Universal online sales

Sell online for everyone. Selling with the Web3 – literally – all over the world.


Quickly profit and monetize your website with new business models adapted to your business.

Cost reduction

Reduce third-party costs thanks to the blockchain.


DApps or decentralized applications. Maximum security.

Domains ENS

Give your wallet a friendly name to simplify transactions. We already have the boamo.eth

Want to explore web3?

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